Join Us for Pitch³ Perfect Profits

Investment: This program is 2 days and currently retails for $35,000. (If you are a member of Myron's Inner Circle, Offer Mastery Bootcamp, or Deedee's Certification it is currently available for $25,000.) You can complete Step #1 to secure your spot with a $2,000 initial payment.

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What You Will Learn During 
Pitch³ Perfect Profits

  • The Anatomy of the Pre-Pitch, Pitch, & Re-Pitch
  • ​Exclusive Breakdown & Training On Myron's Pre-Pitches, Pitch, and Re-Pitches
  • ​Deep Dive On Picture Parable Principle & How To Use Them To Their Max Potential
  • ​What To Include In every Pre-Pitch, Pitch, or Re-Pitch
  • ​Similarities & Differences Of The Pre-Pitch, Pitch, and Re-Pitch
  • ​Deep Dive On Cultivating Magnetism to Captivate Your Audience
  • ​How To Structure And Format Your Talk

What You Will Do During
Pitch³ Perfect Profits

  • Craft Your Own Pre-Pitch, Pitch, or Re-Pitch
  • Craft Your Own Picture Parable Principles
  • ​Create Your Own Story Vault
  • Collaborate With Others To Perfect Your Craft

Retail Value $35,000

Your Today for Only $25,000

Secure your spot today by paying $2,000 initial non-refundable payment now. 

Complete the process by sending the remaining $23,000 by wire to lock in your spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a guest?
You can bring your plus one that you have for the inner circle meetings. If you have two separate businesses you will receive one work book and be able to answer questions for one business. 
Where can I book a room?
The event is currently scheduled to be held at Myron's Office.
What airport should I fly into?
You can fly into the Tampa Airport (TPA).
What are the times/schedule of the event?
The event is November 14-15th, 2024. The schedule is being created to ensure ample time to complete exercises. 
How do I get the remainder of my balance in? 
Wire transfer instructions will be on the thank you page as well as sent via email. 
Are their payment plans?
Are meals included?
You are responsible for your own meals durning the event.
Will a recording be available?
No. In efforts to keep your content as well as the proprietary training confidential there will be no recordings of the event made available.
How is this different than the current program I’m in?
Pitch³ Perfect Profits is an excellent compliment to Inner Circle, Offer Mastery Bootcamp, & Power Method Certification. It’s perfect for those who are squeezing all juice from those programs and still want more, still want to go deeper. However, know this event stands alone and is not imperative to success in those programs. 
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