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The Art & Science Of Creating & Delivering The Perfect Pitch³

March 4-5, 2024 
Location TBA

Ready to craft a message that moves the masses? Join us at Pitch Perfect 2024

Personalize & Perfect Your

Pre-Pitch + Pitch + Re-Pitch!

This Is Perfect For You If...

You have A+ experience.
You have an EPIC offer.
You have an HUNGRY audience.


Personalize & Perfect Your

Pre-Pitch + Pitch + Re-Pitch!

This Is Perfect For You If...

You have A+ experience.
You have an EPIC offer.
You have an HUNGRY audience.


... you're ready to understand the psychology behind what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and why. 
Now is your chance to discover what it takes to move the masses to take massive action every single time.

Ready to Pre-Pitch, Pitch, & Repitch as Masterfully as Myron?

If the answer is unequivocally yes! 
More than enthusiasm and desire are needed.
You'll have to learn to use words to put 
your thoughts in the minds of other
 people to make their lives better. 
It's simple, not easy and authenticity is 

The Presenter & The Professor
We're committed to helping you craft your Perfect Pitch³.

“We've retained the words and lost the conviction. The words without the conviction just 
become a presentation.”


You must master your own message if you desire to move the masses! There is more power in the transformational 
transmission of your own story than in retelling someone else's.

Pitch Perfect Profits LIVE

Discover The Art & Science of 
"The Pitch" At This 2-Day Intensive & Implementation Event.

November 14-15, 2024 
 Tampa, FL

During This Training You We'll Go Deep on The Pitch³...


The Pitch

What do you need to know before you Pitch³? Because let's be honest you can't know what to pre-pitch or re-pitch if you don't know what goes into the pitch. And you can't know what to pitch without building on a solid foundation. During this segment, we will go over what you need to know before every pitch, the purpose of each of the Pitch³, similarities, differences & more! (Time to craft and practice included)


The Pre-Pitch

Uncover everything there is to know about how Myron masters pre-pitches... every-single-time! Then take what you learn and receive simple step-by-step instructions to do the same for yourself. (Plus, time to work on crafting your own as well as implementing)


The Re-Pitch

Ready to circle back and close those people who desperately need what you have to offer, are on the edge, but just need that extra nudge? Of course, you are, but what do you say. During this segment, we'll be covering the anatomy of the re-pitch, truly defining it and breaking it down so you can do it for any offer, in any niche, at any time. This is a formula, not a script. (Time to create and implement is included)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a guest?
You can bring your plus one that you have for the inner circle meetings. If you have two separate businesses you will receive one work book and be able to answer questions for one business. 
Where can I book a room?
The event is currently scheduled to be held at Myron's Office.
What airport should I fly into?
You can fly into the Tampa Airport (TPA)
What are the times/schedule of the event?
The event is November 14-15, 2024. The schedule is being created to ensure ample time to complete exercises. 
How do I get the remainder of my balance in? 
Wire transfer instructions will be on the thank you page as well as sent via email. 
Are their payment plans?
Will a recording be available?
No. In efforts to keep your content confidential there will be no recordings of the event.
How is this different than the current program I’m in?
Pitch³ Perfect Profits is an excellent compliment to Inner Circle, Offer Mastery Bootcamp, & Power Method Certification. It’s perfect for those who are squeezing all juice from those programs and still want more, still want to go deeper. However, know this event stands alone and is not imperative to success in those programs.